About us

Amicus Energy is an “incubator” of companies in the energy sector. The core field of endeavour of the companies created and nurtured under the Amicus Energy brand, is always centred on the energy industry.


The first Amicus company was founded in 2018 as a commercial brokerage business. Within the first year, the founders saw a niche opportunity to establish a credible trading house and pursue access to trade lines from international banks and from there the Amicus Energy brand was born.

Since inception, Amicus Energy has grown in reputation and size, and it became evident that there was a need to diversify our trading activity into other industry-related businesses. The initial idea was to create separate business units within Amicus Energy Trading, but the company realised that each business unit represented the potential for a standalone business in themselves. Therefore, the decision was taken to establish separate limited liability companies, each with its own management and organizational structure, all co-existing as a part of a larger group.

Amicus Energy has witnessed remarkable growth since its inception and by year end 2020 we expect to have 7 operating companies under the Amicus Energy brand.

Headquartered in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Amicus Energy employs several talented individuals across the U.A.E, West Africa and Singapore.

More than 90% of our people hold university degrees in business and technical fields from universities worldwide. Our company also leverages the talents of a great group of skilled individual working for Amicus Energy suppliers worldwide.


Amicus Energy is committed to fostering a safe and healthy workplace for its employees. Through the rigorous application of preventative and corrective measures, the company has reduced lost workdays from injuries sustained on the job. The company continuously seeks ways to improve its processes and facilities for all employees.

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