At Amicus Energy, no two career paths are the same. We provide the structure to ensure success and the flexibility to accommodate your needs. No matter what path you take, Amicus Energy offers unrivalled career-development opportunities.

Our Culture

When you consider Amicus Energy’s accomplishments, given its relatively short time in existence, you might think we would be content with how far we have come. We believe that the day you become content; is the day you begin to die… At Amicus Energy, we do not rest on our laurels, rather we are constantly re-examining our strengths and processes to attain our vision.

At Amicus Energy, we have committed to a set of core values that not only define who we are but serve as guideposts to help us become the company we would like to be. We truly live these values every day. Here they are:

To maintain absolute
integrity in our dealings
Encourage loyalty as
the foundation of excellence
To pursue our goals
with endless passion
Focus in the pursuit
of our mission

Why Amicus Energy?

Amicus Energy is a dynamic and exciting place to work. If you enjoy early responsibility, a passion for challenges, are innovative and ambitious, then Amicus’ growth and breath of opportunity and focus on personal development makes it an ideal place to develop your career.

You can also look forward to working with people from a range of backgrounds in a friendly, team-oriented working environment with a strong sense of shared purpose. If you are interested in combining your talent and ambition with those of our high-performing team, learn more about the positions available.

Is Amicus Energy is for me?

Who we look for

At Amicus Energy, we require more than simply good grades. Your success in helping us attain our vision depends more on your talents than on the focus of your degree. People with a background in many subjects—business, natural sciences, philosophy, finance, engineering, history—thrive at Amicus Energy.

Experienced Hires

Amicus Energy values your experience in your area of expertise. As an experienced hire within one of our operating companies, you will likely start at a higher level within the organisation and immediately begin working with colleagues who value your knowledge and skills.


As a university graduate, you have a wide range of promising career options in front of you. We know it is hard to navigate them. The choice you make will have an impact on you for a lifetime…

You might want to consider a career with Amicus Energy… One of our graduate programmes may be one of your best options for getting on the fast track to a successful career and accelerated personal growth. At Amicus Energy, we believe you should be in the driver’s seat, charting your own course to realise your personal goals.

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